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Playful Resources

Learn With Lots of Fun!!

Interactive Activities

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Engage in interactive activities designed to stimulate your learning and enhance your comprehension of complex concepts.

High-Quality Videos

Benefit from high-quality videos that provide clear, concise explanations, making difficult topics easier to understand.

Interactive Flashcards

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Reinforce your learning with interactive flashcards, a proven method for retaining information and improving recall.


Finosophy Products for Youth

Online Course

  • 25 Pre-recorded Videos
  • 31 Chapters eBook
  • 24 Interactive Activities
  • 31 Interactive Flashcards
  • Course Certificate
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Youth Book

  • Hard Copy Available
  • 31 Amazing Chapters
  • Scan for the Bonus Video
  • Real-life Examples
  • Affordable Price
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Youth eBook

  • Soft Copy Available
  • 31 Amazing Chapters
  • 10 Complementary Videos
  • Real-life Examples
  • Affordable Price
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Why Finosophy for Youth?

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Set Clear Financial Goals

Guided pathway will assist you in honing your finance knowledge and achieve your financial goals.

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Gain Practical Knowledge

Practical insights into real-world scenarios as well as learn how to effectively manage your finances.

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Self-paced Learning

Flexible courses to cater the dynamic lifestyles of youth, allowing you to learn at your convenience.

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Get Course Certificate

Get rewarded upon course completion & empower yourself with essential financial literacy skills.

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Weekly Live Sessions

We conduct live sessions to keep you up-to-date about the current trends going on in the market.